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Guy Reschenthaler

Meet Guy Reschenthaler

Guy Reschenthaler is the Republican candidate running for PA State Senate in the 37th District. This is a high stakes race that the Republicans must win. Guy Reschenthaler is an impressive candidate. He is young and energetic, served in the military, spent time in the private sector,...

No More Tax Increases

No More Tax Increases Governor Wolf wants to raise your taxes by $9 Billion dollars over the next two years. Tell Governor Wolf - No More Tax Increases!...

Wolf Ad

Sticking It To Taxpayers

Governor Wolf is proposing a $9 Billion Dollar tax increase over a two year period - how is this the "Fresh Start" Governor Tom Wolf promised? [embed][/embed]...


General Election Update 2014

We are proud to announce that Camera Bartolotta, the candidate we supported from Western Pennsylvania for the 46th Senate District seat, was successful in becoming the first female elected to represent the 46th Senate District of Pennsylvania. Congratulations, Camera! We wish you continued success in...